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PSW U3A was established in 2005 - as an idea of the rector Mr. Bergier on the fifth anniversary of State School of Higher Vocational Education in Biała Podlaska.

U3A operates as a part of State School of Higher education, has its own committee.
Every year U3A in Biała Podlaska focuses more than 70 registered members the wide range of courses e.g. English lessons, IT lessons, aerobics, fitness in water, interpersonal workshops, singing and dancing lessons. Thanks to the efforts of the committee our listeners have the opportunity to participate in interesting academic lectures, cultural, sports, tourism meetings, study visits relating to our culture and Polish history.
Academic lectures are conducted by distinguished guests, experts from various fields, experienced academics and professional instructors. Students use modern teaching facilities of the University, lecture halls and auditorium and a modern IT equipment and gymnastics.
U3A members actively participate in the University’s academic life, social actions, and together with the academic community they create multigenerational platform for exchanging experience. They actively cooperate with local institutions and cultural centers.
One of the successes of U3A in Biała Podlaska is an EU grant in 2007 for the project “Tracking ancient cultures and religions – integration meeting of U3A members from Biała Podlaska and Grodno” funded by Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine INTERREG IIIA. The main objective of the project was to create the basis for the region integration through mutual awareness development and learning about citizens as well as the basis for learning about their common history, exchanging experiences and integration of population of this Euroregion.
U3A in Biała Podlaska arose from observations of the local environment and in response to its needs. It  is addressed to people no longer in full-time employment, disabled or lonely people. The aim of the University is to encourage and enable these people to share their knowledge, skills, interests, experience; to engage them in educational, cultural, social activities; to find and help to use their skills to teach and learn. All the activities within U3A are mainly aimed to solve a serious social problem which is to improve the life quality of older people.
It is sure that PSW U3A in Biała Podlaska exists because of the huge commitment of U3A members. Their interests, life and work experiences are often used to create wide range of events in each academic year, e.g. organizing summer holidays this year.

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