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postheadericon OBJECTIVES


The main objective of the project is to create conditions for the growth of economic and social activity of generation 50 + in the Lublin region, by creating efficient, transnational partnerships under the cooperation between Lublin region (Poland) and Perthshire (Scotland).

Achieving the main objective of the project will support the development of the Lublin province, in particular the City and County Biala Podlaska, in the context of economic development and international cooperation.

The project is to identify the benefits of hiring people with great life and professional experience. The aim is also to break stereotypes prevailing in the labour market regarding the employment or creating work places  exclusively by young people.

Specific objectives:

1.       Promoting of employment of older people and preventing  age discrimination in the labor market

2.       Creating the activation programme of people 50+, well addressed, efficient, effective

3.       Creating the transnational platform for exchange of knowledge and experience, sharing knowledge and solutions

4.       Creating Employment Agency for people aged 50 +

5.       Promoting  proactive attitude among people 50+

6.       Supporting older people in choosing to work longer

7.       Facilitate the development of innovative methods in adult education, also the transfer of partners` methods from the project partner`s country

8.       Increasing the efficiency of transnational cooperation through appropriate selection of a project`s partner, to gain information that helps to solve  a specific problem in the Lublin region, which is a low rate of economic and social activity among people aged 50 +

9.       Gaining knowledge in the field of keeping older people to work longer, by participating in a study visit, conferences, thematic seminars and presentations

10.   Contacting with representatives of organizations dedicated to people 50+

11.   Promotion of the Lublin region among the members of the Third Age Trust in the UK

12.   Popularization of information among employers, local authorities, institutions, NGOs regarding the age management policy and the importance of maintaining proactive attitude among people 50+ 

13.   Promoting flexible forms of work as a tool to keep older people in the workforce longer

14.   The establishment and development of interregional cooperation, the exchange of knowledge, good practice, implementing ideas  in the local market, creating long-term cooperation in many areas

15.   Changing the attitude to the role of the generation 50+ in society and economy  

16.   Developing and strengthening links between local communities in the Lublin region and Perthshire in Scotland.


The main and specific objectives will be achieved by implementing the following actions:
• Implementation of study visits (U3A visits in Biała Podlaska and Perth)
• Creating an interactive website acting platform for exchange of information between people aged 50 +, and organizations acting on their behalf, from all over Europe.
• organization of the international conference on ” The age management policy in a company”
• The post-conference  publication in English and Polish,
• Publication of a guide for seniors “Spending time in Poland – Lublin province is worth it” which promotes the Lublin region among people aged 50+ in Scotland.
• Creating Employment Agency for people 50+

The implementation of the main objective is particularly important in the Lublin region and responds to the aims set out  in the Lubelskie Voivodeship Development Strategy such as promoting social inclusion and reducing poverty in the region - in the project achieved by preventing the social and professional marginalization  of people aged 50 +, Strengthen and use of cultural and social potential of the region - in the project achieved by exploiting the potential of people aged 50 + in the form of knowledge and experience; Development of interregional cooperation in the region the international system, national and cross-border influences on knowledge transfer, best practice - in the project achieved through initiating cooperation aimed primarily at transferring knowledge, which is to affect the solution to the problem of deactivation of professional people in the retirement age in the region, increase employment, and better utilization of human resources in the region carried out by carrying out active labour market policies at the regional and local level (including professional activation youth, unemployed, living in rural areas, people over 50 years of age) - in a project achieved by creating the Agency for Employment for people aged 50 +, a program of professional and social mobilization, educational campaign among entrepreneurs.



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