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State School of Higher Education of Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska, University of the Third Age in Biała Podlaska implements a project “Above the  borders - exchange of knowledge and experiences of people at the age 50+” in the period from 04/01/2010 until  31/01/2011.

The main objective of the project is to create conditions for the growth of economic and social activity of generation 50 + in the Lublin region, by creating an efficient, transnational partnerships under the cooperation between Lublin region (Poland) and Perthshire (Scotland).

Achieving the main objective of the project will support the development of the Lublin province, in particular the City and County Biala Podlaska, in the context of economic development and international cooperation.

The project is to identify the benefits of hiring people with great life and professional experience.
The aim is also to break stereotypes prevailing in the labour market regarding the employment or creating work places  exclusively by young people.

The implementation of the main objective is particularly important in the Lublin region and responds to the aims set out  in the Lubelskie Voivodeship Development Strategy such as promoting social inclusion and reducing poverty in the region - in the project achieved by preventing the social and professional marginalization  of people aged 50 +, Strengthen and use of cultural and social potential of the region - in the project achieved by exploiting the potential of people aged 50 + in the form of knowledge and experience; Development of interregional cooperation in the region the national and cross-border international system influences on knowledge transfer, best practice - in the project achieved through initiating cooperation aimed primarily at transferring knowledge, which is to affect the solution to the problem of deactivation of professional people in the retirement age in the region. Increase employment and better utilization of human resources in the region carried out by carrying out active labour market policies at the regional and local level (including professional activation of the youth, the unemployed, residents of rural areas, people over 50 years of age) - in a project achieved by creating the Agency for Employment for people aged 50 +, a program of professional and social mobilization, educational campaign among entrepreneurs.

A key role in obtaining knowledge and exchange of experience plays a project partner - Third Age University in Perth, Scotland. This is realized by studio visits in both countries, seniors have the opportunity to know each other and, as eyewitnesses to observe and carry interesting solutions on their own ground.

Dorota Karwacka
Project Coordinator

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